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The Exercise of Final Exam for Nineth Grader (International Class) March 2016

  1.  Mention the example kind of natural phenomena abiotic and biotic?
  2.  Mention the example of  characteristic living things for repiration, movement, reproduce, and growth?
  3.     Explain the name of  cell organel (in plant cell and in animal cell) and its function!
  4.     Calculate the lowest population density in big cities based on the 2015 census!
No. City Area (km2) Total Population (million)
1. Yogyakarta 150.000.000 2.050.500
2. Surabaya 200.000.000 8.155.000
  1.     Mention the characteristics of animal groups and plant groups and its example!
  2.  Mention the environmental conservation efforts based on the government policyto divert the public transport car which was originally gasoline into the gas-fueled?
  3.     Explain the characteristics of smooth muscle, heart muscle, and skeletal muscle?
  4.   Explain the example of joint in human!
  5. Explain and mention the food colors which containing glucose and protein!
  6. Explain the function male organs reproductive and female organs reproductive!
  7. Studying about the experimental design in human respiratory system!
  8. Mention and explain about diseases of human transportation system!
  9. Find out the root of cross-sectional and its function of each part!
  10. Studying about the experiment to observe the events of photosynthesis in plants!
  11. Explain the natural factor of rare animals and plants!
  12. Explain the function of anemometer, barometer, ruller, and vernier calipers (jangka sorong)?
  13. Explain the reason of exercise regularly and not excessive is highly recommended!
  14. Calculate hydrostatic pressure if density of water is 1500 kg/m3, and the acceleration due to gravity is 9,8m/s²?
  15. Mention the function of ultrasound wave?
  16. Explain the impact of Moon’s revolution and Earth’s revolution?
  17. Mention the substances that can be included into compound?
  18. 23.Mention the example of physical and chemical properties?
  19. Calculate the genotypes and the fenotypes of crossed in Red flower (RR) and White flower (rr)?
  20. Mention the example of ingredients composition food including preservatives, antioxidans, and colorant!
  21. Calculate in a class there are 6 lamps of 40 watt each and 1 television of 150 watt. All electric equipment turns on for 6 hours everyday. If the price of electricity use of 1 kWh is Rp. 400.00, what is the cost of electricity use in 1 month (30 days) ?

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